Wooden cutlery

Our cutlery range is commercially compostable.

Wooden Teaspoon (Coated*)

Available sizes:

Wooden Gelato Spoon (Coated*)

Can be branded

Wooden Stirrer (Uncoated)

Available sizes:

Wooden Chopstick (Uncoated)

Available sizes:

Wooden Spoon (Coated*)

Available sizes:

Wooden Fork (Coated*)

Available sizes:

Wooden Knife (Coated*)

Available sizes:

Wooden cutlery sets

Our cutlery sets are commercially compostable.

Wooden Spork & Napkin

Spork and napkin

Basic Set 1

Knife, fork and napkin

Basic Set 2

Knife, fork, spoon and napkin

Essential Set 1

Knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon, napkin and stirrer

Essential Set 2

Knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon, napkin, stirrer, sugar, salt and pepper

Why Closed Loop?

All of our packaging is purpose driven. Our wooden cutlery is a part of our Made for More packaging. Proceeds from all of our sustainable food packaging range will contribute to ongoing research, education and development of sustainable packaging. 

Made for innovation
Made for education
Made for the planet

More about our environmentally friendly cutlery

Our coated* wooden cutlery range is wooden cutlery coated with carnauba wax, a natural wax from a palm grown only in Brazil. This makes the wooden cutlery smoother and provides a higher quality finish. This range can be commercially composted.

Yes, minimum order quantities apply. Contact us for custom branding.

Download our Sustainable Food Packaging catalogue for more details on our packaging range.

Biodegradable refers to a product's ability to breakdown over time, it doesn't specify over how long - this could be a day or 100 years. Compostable refers to a product's ability to breakdown in specific time frames under specific conditions (i.e. home or industrial/commercial). Choosing certified compostable items are a more sustainable option as it proves that the product has been tested to breakdown.

Made for More sustainable packaging

Browse our sustainable food packaging range. Proceeds from all Closed Loop packaging contributes to innovation and research, education and the planet. Find out more about our Made for More packaging.

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