Event and venue circular economy consulting considers more than just your business. Closed Loop’s approach is to help understand your business and operational environments so we can identify and progress towards the delivery of practical circular economy and low waste outcomes.​

Closed Loop draw on our 20+ years of experience to deliver end-to-end solutions, making us your ideal circular economy partner!

The circular economy

The framework of circular economy reduces waste, reuses materials already in circulation and reinvigorates communities to minimise our environmental impacts such as saving waste from landfill and sustain our natural resources such as utilising recycled and reclaimed materials.

Implementing circular economy practices within your business will take your business to the next level, and allow you to become a leader in sustainability in your industry.

Our event and venue circular economy consultants will review your systems and work with you to create achievable, practical yet ambitious, impactful business objectives that will close the loop!

Image: Coffee cups and other paper cups being recycled into sustainable building material for use in Australian and New Zealand buildings

Key stats from recent circular economy consultancy

See key metrics and achievements from recent sustainability consulting with Qantas and Sydney Motor Sports Park. Closed Loop work with each client individually. Key metrics should be seen as examples of recent work only and not guarantees of future work.

saved from 130 initiatives
decrease in landfill contribution
reduction in operational costs

Why Closed Loop?

Engagement & Communication

Communication and engagement are key in creating change. Our Closed Loop team works closely with all levels of stakeholders, from ground-level to leaders and decision makers, to identify solutions that can be supported.

Our communication and engagement methods ensure that our team understands operating environments and identifies the best and most practical ways to implement change without operational disruption.

Through this, our circular solutions are operationally sustainable.

Why Closed Loop?

Value for money

Closed Loop recognises the importance of achieving environmental sustainability in a commercial environment and that solutions must be economically sustainable for a business. Closed Loop ensures the economics of all circular economy and zero waste initiatives are explored through cost-benefit analyses. ​​

Closed Loop also recognises that the delivery of our services are a cost component and are willing to identify creative ways to minimise our cost impediment along with the potential to share the benefits of delivering circular economy change.​

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Circularity is at the core of what we do.

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